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Want To Try CBD-Infused Foods? Here’s Where You Can Get One!

The popularity of CBD-infused foods has become a trend in the U.S. ever since the passing and signing of the 2018 Farm Bill Law. From soda to jelly beans, and now to everyone’s favorite summertime barbecue food – brats, the infusion of CBD has truly become an integral part in most American cuisines as of late.

At the Milwaukee Brat House, a Wisconsin Restaurant located in Milwaukee and Sherwood, there is a new brat menu that is the talk of the town. Made using a special sweet condiment called Tiger Sauce that gives the meat added flavor and CBD Oil which provides certain relaxation benefits, this special menu is called The Pineapple Express.

The Pineapple Express was advertised in the Milwaukee Brat’s Facebook Page post.

According to the restaurant, The Pineapple Express is a modern take on “comfort foods”.

“This is what comfort food should be. It makes me feel good because of the local connection between all three companies, and gives me balance and energy because … ya know, the CBD.” said Craig Mastalir, head chef of the Milwaukee Brat House.

Also included in the restaurant’s menu is  their signature beer mustard and sauerkraut infused with CBD. The source of Milwaukee Brat House CBD is from a local business, the Beyond Organic Farms.

“Those are our initial offerings, and if people take kindly to it, we may add more CBD infused items in the future,” Milwaukee Brat House event and promotions manager Drew Retherford told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Milwaukee Brat House is not the only establishment that offers CBD- infused sausages. The new Seasons Market in Portland also offers CBD-infused Bacon Potato. This is according to Willamette Week.

Recess, a hemp-infused sparkling water is now also available online ( available at $39.99 for an eight-pack) if you are interested in testing out CBD beverage infusions.

There is also a coffee and candy CBD-Infused products that are available today. These said products came from the man behind the Jelly Belly Brand, who’s also making CBD-infused jelly beans, Willie Nelson.

CBD gummy bears that come in a pack of 13-14 is also available in the market. It usually comes at a retail price for $9.99.

With CBD becoming more and more popular as an additional ingredient not only in meat recipes but also in some of your favorite foods, are you willing to give these CBD-infused foods a try?

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