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CBD Success Story: Billy Caldwell, The Boy Who Used To Suffer From up to 100 Seizures a Day Due to Epilepsy Attack

At just 11 years of age, Billy Caldwell was dying due to the effects of the more than 100 seizures that he experiences everyday because of what doctors call a severe or intractable epilepsy attack.

Billy Caldwell, whose intractable epilepsy means he cannot get help through medication or diet, began treatment with cannabis oil in the US, where medical marijuana is legal since 2016. Since being prescribed with a medical marijuana product, Billy has not had any seizures for 300 days since he started using CBD.

When Billy Caldwell’s prescription was transferred to his local GP, Brendan O’Hare in Northern Ireland, Billy became the first person in the entire United Kingdom to receive a prescription medical marijuana.And because of this, the company, Billy’s Bud was named after him in July 2018.

Billy’s mother, Charlotte Caldwell ,said his son used to suffer up to 100 seizures per day, now,sincestarting his CBD medication,  Billy has not had a single seizure for 300 days!She also said that when Billy started using CBD oil, his son’s autism also improved.

“To me, that’s incredible, because one seizure can kill him,” Mrs. Caldwell told ITV News after 90 days of no seizures.

Many studies have also shown that CBD can help different diseases like cancer, Crohn’s disease, insomnia and  other mental disorder diseases. According to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, CBD has a restoring, correcting and modifying effect on human’s physiological functions.

The ” Sponsor a Bud” program that helps low income families from Ireland and the UK  obtain CBD via a Bud grant was also set up by an independent committee earlier this year. Also, just last September 9, 2018, Billy’s family held the Billy’s Bud festival in Castlederg, County Tyrone, where they celebrated the support that they had received for their “Keep Billy Alive” campaign.

“Following extensive treatment with CBD oil, Billy is now more than 300 days seizure free, and to celebrate the phenomenal change for the better in Billy’s health, we decided to hold a small celebration in recognition of all those people that have helped us “Keep Billy Alive”.” Ms Caldwell told Donegal Now.