When it comes to natural healing, CBD products have recently become the latest craze. But buying CBD oil can be tricky, challenging and at times intimidating. In fact, obtaining the best CBD oil for your needs is not as easy as it sounds. This is the main reason why having some guidelines when buying CBD oil most especially online is very important.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, purchasing CBD is now a lot easier. There are so many sellers of CBD oil products online that you can choose from, all of them boasting that the quality of their CBD oil is the best and second to none. So, if this is the case, how would you start your search for the right CBD oil that suits your needs?

Here are 7 tips and guidelines that can help you if you’re planning on buying CBD Oil online.

1. Check the Price

Whenever we buy something, it is best to first know the cost of the product. It is no different when buying CBD online. The most important thing to remember when buying CBD oil is that it doesn’t come cheap because of the effort involved in extracting the oil.

Thus, if you come across a website that offers CBD oil at ridiculously low prices compared to others, then, you better watch out. Good quality CBD oil should come in the normal price range.  Not too high and also not too low. Generally, the price range for CBD oil products is between $45-70 USD.

The price of CBD oil is also affected by different factors which include:

  • Availability of the product
  • CBD production
  • Distributing channels
  • Discounts
  • Products branding

2. CBD Oil Doesn’t Cure Everything

When buying CBD oil online, avoid sellers that provide false hopes. It’s true that CBD is a good type of oil, but it’s not a miracle cure for everything. If a seller says that he has miracle CBD oil that can heal any ailments, then, that’s a warning sign. A red flag that seller immediately and look for other sellers that do not exaggerate about their CBD products.

Some of the common health benefits of CBD oils are:

  • CBD has analgesic or pain-relieving effects.
  • CBD also has anti-seizure properties
  • CBD combats anxiety
  • CBD has the potential to fight cancer
  • CBD can reduce the risk of diabetes
  • CBD has been proven to treat sleep issues

3. CBD Oil Source

Always try to get information about the source of your CBD oil, where it came from and where it was manufactured. Always remember that all CBD oil manufacturers have different quality controls and standards. This means that not all CBD products are created the same. Some CBD oil distributors and sellers use poor quality or sub-standard CBD oil that came from cannabis plants that were grown on toxic soil that contaminated the plants, which resulted in an end product that may carry hazardous and dangerous toxins. Good CBD oil should not only come from a reputable source but it should also be grown from a controlled environment.

One of the best sources of CBD products is the company called Pure Spectrum based in Evergreen Colorado U.S.A. All of the products from this company are made from organically grown hemp or hemp plants that were cultivated by using organic farming practices.

Hemp that is grown organically is not exposed, treated or modified by any foreign chemicals. Organic farming of hemp is not only a process but is also a philosophy of working with nature instead of against it. It doesn’t only benefit the environment, but most importantly, it benefits the people.

Pure Spectrum was also reviewed by the CBD OIL Review with regards to the company’s product quality, safety, charity, mission, and innovation or in short, the 5 badges. Where each badge is worth 1 star, and the best possible score that a CBD company can receive is 5 stars. Pure Spectrum got a review rating of 5.

Some of the other CBD companies that were given a rating of 5-stars by CBD OIL Review are:

4. Reviews

The reliability and quality of the CBD product can be gauged by the reviews it received from customers. Look for detailed and recent reviews from customers who have bought specific products or had experiences shopping with the store. Also, check for success stories about people who have bought the said CBD product and how CBD oil changed their lives for the better.

5. CBD Store’s Online Presence& Shipping Options

Check out the company’s online presence before you make your CBD oil purchase. A trustworthy manufacturer or seller doesn’t hide its company information as well as details about their products. Remember, an online seller should be transparent with their fine print to show precisely the ingredients present in the products that they sell. Showcasing their third-party lab results online should not be a problem for a CBD online store in order to prove that the CBD products that they are offering are of high standards and premium quality.

Another good indication that the online seller is reliable is their checkout process and shipping options. Feedbacks, customer service support, payment options, and free postage or reduced cost for spending over a certain amount are the things you should look for on an online CBD oil seller. If these things are all present, then it is a sign that the seller has a well-established online store.

6. Dosage

A good CBD oil online seller will always add a dosage chart for each of their product that is easy to read and follow. Just like any other supplement or medicine, taking too much CBD can have adverse effects. Likewise, taking too little will not give you the right effect that you were hoping for. Here is an example of a dosage chart that should be present when you buy a CBD oil online.

Having a CBD chart to follow for your everyday CBD oil consumption is very important because too much intake of CBD oil to the body can cause adverse side effects such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness or drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • It can increase tremors in Parkinson’s disease

7. Legality

Is it legal to buy CBD oil online? The answer is a big yes, as long as the CBD you are purchasing is derived from industrial hemp or hemp that contains 0.3 percent or less THC.

When it comes to shipping the product, only companies that have complied with the 2014 Farm Bill (the bill that differentiates marijuana from industrial hemp and permits the cultivation of hemp) can ship their products anywhere in the United States. 

The DEA has also acknowledged that CBD, if made from the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, is legal because CBD made from the non-psychoactive or the plants mature hemp stalk falls outside the Controlled Substance Act‘s definition of marijuana.

If you have any other tips or guidelines to watch when buying CBD oil online, please share with us to help people who want to purchase this oil online.









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