Whether you agree or not, it is a proven fact that a vast number of men and women have difficulty enjoying sex. It’s not because they don’t enjoy sex or the lack of sexual desire towards their partner, but in most cases, it’s mainly because of other factors such as stress, pain that occurs while in the act (most especially on women), erectile problems, anxiety, and other mental health problems.

The different health benefits of CBD in the body and the multitude of diseases that it can cure is no longer a secret. In fact, numerous scientific and medical studies, as well as papers and journals, have already been made and published in order to support this claim.  

When it comes to the sexual merits of CBD, studies have also shown and supported the beneficial nature of CBD and the number of ways it can help in relieving sexual anxieties. How? By helping stimulate our bodies so-called Endocannabinoid System. A complicated network of neutral and chemical pathways situated in the human brain, the central nervous system, and other peripheral organs. Stimulation of these neurochemical pathways by cannabinoids or CBD can lead to many positive effects, including orgasm. Below are 5 potential benefits of CBD and how it can improve your sex life.

5 Ways CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. CBD Helps Alleviate Pain During Sex

According to the research conducted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, around 75 percent of women experience some form of pain during sexual activity, mostly during penetration. So, using CBD oil as a lube to address this problem is a great idea. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat inflammation and pain which conventional medicines cannot offer.

In 2009, Nagarkatti et al. conducted a study and found out that CBD had at least 50 different active mechanisms that can tackle many problems simultaneously. It helps women relax and enjoy sex and it also leads to better orgasms.

2. CBD Can Improve Communication

Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons why some people have poor sex lives. That is why being more open to your partner is very important. Using CBD can help you become more expressive towards your partner in the bedroom. It can enhance communication that helps trigger a sexual response from your partner. It has also been proven that CBD promotes natural communication as well as emotional empathy. The best thing about using CBD is that it has no toxic limits and causes no side effects.

3. CBD Helps Erectile Dysfunction

Aside from using CBD as a sex lube, CBD oil can also be used to cure erectile dysfunction. For men 50 years old and above, erectile dysfunction is a common problem. This is because men at this age can experience sluggish blood flow as well as tissue damage that is caused by dioxins and other toxic chemicals present in the environment. Current research and studies have shown that CBD oil can help the body in getting rid of these toxins. CBD can also prevent adiposities or fat cells to accumulate in the body while at the same time, it enhances the production of hormones that can help alleviate some sexual dysfunctions like infertility, impotency, and performance anxiety.

4. CBD Has ZERO Side Effects

There are numerous methods and medications that people use to achieve a better sex life. For example, some people turn to alcohol or prescription medications to help them get through tough situations when having sex seems impossible. The only problem is it’s not always ideal to be completely intoxicated every time you’re doing the act. But reports have shown that using CBD might be able to improve sex lives because unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that causes the sensation of getting “high” that is associated with marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive. Meaning, it has no side effects on the body. While it is also true that CBD targets the body’s nervous system, CBD does not trigger any altered state of consciousness. It does not change a person’s state of mind when they use it.

5. CBD Takes Stress and Anxiety Away

Being stressed out can also lead to poor sex. Too much thinking and being self-conscious on the act and not doing it naturally can turn an enjoyable experience into a nightmare. Using CBD can help the body and mind relax due to the anxiolytic properties of the CBD. By smoking, vaping, or dabbing CBD strain or concentrate before sex, it can help get you out of your head and into your body making sex more enjoyable and memorable.

Final Word

Sex is an important factor in a happy and healthy relationship. Some relationships end due to problems related to sex. Using the right CBD oil product can help improve your sex life and save your relationship or marriage most especially when poor sex is one of the main cause of the problem. Using CBD to make your sex life better with your partner will not only lead to a much healthier relationship but will also improve the quality of your life.

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