Around the world, breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women. In fact, more than 1 million new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year. In the United States alone, breast cancer affects as many as 1 in 8 women throughout life. But if you think that only women should worry about breast cancer, then think again. Although rarely, men are also susceptible to breast cancer. Statistics show that more than 2 thousand American men get diagnosed with this disease every year.

Being diagnosed with cancer is not a death sentence. Though the process of treatment is sure to be time-consuming, hard, and most especially costly, a person diagnosed with breast cancer should never resign to the notion that her faith is sealed and all hope is lost.

There are many ways to combat this disease, and one that has been gaining ground lately not only in the treatment of breast cancer but also to the other forms of cancer is by the use of Cannabidiol or CBD. Researchers have found evidence that CBD oil for breast cancer could reduce the invasive progression of cancer cells and could play an instrumental role in the treatment of breast cancer.

What Studies are Saying…

The different health benefits of CBD in the body and the multitude of diseases that it can cure is no longer a secret. In fact, numerous scientific and medical studies, as well as papers and journals, have already been made and published in order to support this claim. 

According to the research on CBD Oil for breast cancer that was done in Madrid, Spain in 2012, the researchers found out that CBD and its derivatives apply anti-invasive, anti-migratory and anti-proliferative actions, meaning the reduction of tumor sizes resulting in cancerous cells to kill themselves. The spread of tumors stops without damaging any of the healthy cells in the body.

A recent study also revealed that CBD inhibits a gene called Id-1. Researchers believe that the Id-1 gene is responsible for the metastatic process that spreads cells from the original tumor throughout the body.

In humans, the Id-1 gene is found only in metastatic cancer cells. Before birth, they are present and involved in the development of human embryos, but after birth, they go silent and should stay that way. But in metastatic cancer when waking up, they are very bad. They push the cells to behave like embryonic cells and grow. They go crazy, they proliferate, they migrate- we need to be able to turn them off. And according to study, CBD does exactly that.” Said Pierre-Yves Desprez, a staff scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco.

In another study that was conducted in Israel, they’ve found evidence that CBD can prevent the development of breast cancer tumors by getting rid of unhealthy cells. The researchers also found out that when cancer cells are exposed to the CBD oil, the cells returned to their natural and healthy state.

Using CBD oil for breast cancer treatment can also reduce oxidative stress or the body’s condition where it can no longer neutralize the free radicals with antioxidants. In a study that was conducted in 2010, it showed that CBD contains neuroprotective qualities that can help reduce the damage that the free radicals can cause.

Many studies regarding CBD Oil for Breast Cancer also show that the CBD receptors in tumor cells found in breast cancer and also in the other forms of cancer are over-expressed. This led the researchers to believe that the endocannabinoid system can be regulated in cancer in a biological effort to combat the disease.

When the endocannabinoid system is regulated, the CBD will bind to the receptors. This will prevent cell growth by controlling the spread of cancer cells than killing the cancer cells in the process. CBD has also been proven to weaken angiogenesis or the increase in blood flow in the localized areas caused by tumor cells and metastasis of cancer reaching the other organs of the human body.

Finally, studies have also shown that combining CBD based treatment with conventional cancer treatment would be more beneficial to patients who are suffering from breast cancer. CBD oil is also a great treatment for other cancer symptoms which includes pains and aches.  And with its anti-tumor and pain relief properties, it makes the whole breast cancer treatment process less painful and more bearable.

Other Health Benefits of CBD Besides Curing Breast Cancer

Other health benefits of CBD besides curing breast cancer are:

  • lowering inflammation
  • stimulating recovery and relaxation
  • treating auto-immune disorders
  • psychiatric disorders, skin diseases
  • PTSD
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neurological diseases

What are the Side Effects of CBD?

According to The American Cancer Society, prescription cannabinoids or CBD can  have the following side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Light-headedness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Can possibly cause hallucinations
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Final Word

God forbid, but if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, the best thing to do is to talk and consult with your doctor for the best treatment possible. But if you also want to try an alternative cure for your cancer, the one thing I can recommend would be the use of CBD oil and other CBD products.

CBD oil for breast cancer treatment would be the least painful, probably the most effective, least harmful, and the easiest method of treating this dreaded disease. Just remember, since CBD is also known to interact with other medications, it is best to discuss with a qualified healthcare professional and CBD expert first before you start using CBD oil to ensure your safety and avoid potentially harmful interactions. Then request a referral to licensed cannabis clinics.

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