As of late, Cannabidiol or CBD has been receiving increasing attention in the field of veterinary medicine for its use in the treatment of our four-legged friends.  In fact, some veterinarians also believe that CBD can be helpful in easing your pets abnormal behavioral patterns as well as other anxieties.

We can all agree that all we want is for our pets to be happy. We love and enjoy seeing our pets wag their tails and being the happy creatures that they are. The problem is, we can’t just ask our favorite pet if they feel well. And sometimes, it’s even more difficult to judge if they’re not feeling well.

It’s widely known that CBD has extensive benefits not only to humans but to animals as well. But some people are still hesitant to use it because of the wrong notion that CBD is highly addictive due to the fact that it belongs to the Cannabis family. It is only when they realize that CBD is as safe to use as regular sunflower seed oil that they will try to use it not only to treat human diseases but also ease animal health disorders.

For dogs, CBD Oil For Pets may help ease the following disorders.

  • lack of appetite
  • separation anxiety
  • excessive barking
  •  nausea from car rides
  • lack of vitality and energy
  • trips to the vet or groomer
  • muscle spasms or seizures
  • pain from cancer or arthritis
  • recovery from surgery or illness
  • pacing or inability to settle or relax
  • fear of thunderstorms, fireworks or loud noises
  •  grumpiness or aggression toward another animal

CBD Oil For Pets may also help ease your cat’s

  • multi-cat households
  • poor appetite
  • constant hiding
  • fear of the litter box
  • eating inappropriate objects
  • crying with no apparent cause
  • trips to the vet or riding in the car
  • distress from a change in the environment
  • grumpiness or aggression with another animal

Is CBD Good for your Dogs and Cats?

The answer:

A very big YES!

It doesn’t matter if your dog or cat is having health issues or not, giving them CBD oil will greatly improve their health.

CBD can help improve your pet’s skin coat, reduce skin problems, and keep their energy level up. When it comes to more serious diseases, CBD can also keep all of those in check. Meaning your furry pets can live a longer and healthier life.

CBD oil is also great for your pet’s anxiety problems. Whether they are suffering from separation anxiety or they are stressed because of the new environment from moving homes, CBD oil can help them calm down.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Pets?

Just like us humans, every dog and cat is unique and different. So, the dosage for your cats and dogs are also different.

The weight and size of your pets greatly affect the amount of CBD that is given to them.

But usually, veterinarians recommend about 2-3 servings of CBD oil a day for every cat and dog, mixed in their food each day.

Always read the instructions on the label first before giving your pets CBD.

IMPORTANT: When you give your dog or your cat CBD oil, it will take more than a few hours for their body to metabolize the substance. If it’s the first time that you will be giving your pets CBD, your dog or your cat may experience diarrhea for a week or two as a side effect of the substance. However, as time passes, your pet’s organisms will fully adapt and get used to the changes that are brought about by the substance in their body.

Typical suggested CBD Oil starting dose: 1mg – 5mg per 10 lbs. of body weight.

For Cats: 1-5mg

For Dogs:

  • 10 lbs: 1-5mg
  • 20 lbs: 2-10mg
  • 30 lbs: 3-15mg
  • 40 lbs: 4-20mg
  • 50 lbs: 5-25mg
  • 60 lbs: 6-30mg
  • 70 lbs: 7-35mg
  • 80 lbs: 8-40mg

What are the Common CBD Benefits for my Pets?

  1. Powerful Painkiller

Studies show that CBD can help manage pain in different kinds of ways. Today, CBD has also become renowned for its painkilling properties.

  • Anticonvulsant

CBD is a natural anticonvulsant. It has the ability to help control seizures, tremors, tics, and spasms.

  • Anti- Inflammatory

CBD is known to treat a wide variety of conditions. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Like humans, dogs and cats can also suffer from anxiety and stress. And studies have shown that CBD can help manage the symptoms of these mental conditions.

  • CBD is an Antiemetic

There is very strong evidence that shows that CBD is great in controlling nausea and vomiting while also stimulating appetite.

  • CBD Can Slow Tumor growth

Studies have shown that CBD can help protect against cancer by stopping the development, growth, and spread of malignant tumors.

  • CBD Promotes Homeostasis

Many dogs and cat owners nowadays use CBD not only as a medicine to treat specific illnesses but also as a regular supplement to their pets to promote their overall health and well-being.

Final Word

It’s often heart wrenching when our pets are sick. But the good news is, there is always a way for us to help them in these difficult times. Whatever condition your four-legged friends’ health is in, whether they are sick, anxious or overly energetic, CBD oil for pets can help them. Just don’t forget to check how much CBD oil you should give your pets. Remember, bigger animals need bigger doses.




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