Is using CBD Oil during the pandemic effective?

As most countries around the globe go on lockdown and practice social distancing because of the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis, we as a species don’t have any choice but to also slow down and adapt to what is now being called “THE NEW NORMAL” way of living. But if there is one thing that did not change during these times, it is the benefit of using CBD oil to promote balance and wellness not only to you and your family members but to your pets as well.

How Can CBD Help You During This Pandemic Crisis?

Medical experts and scientists around the world are now in a race to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. But before that happens, the only known prevention to avoid the virus as of this time is by boosting one’s immune system and observing proper hygiene. Taking your vitamins, exercising regularly, drinking lots of fluids, and adding CBD oil to your everyday diet can also be an effective way to balance your overall wellbeing.

CBD Oil is an all-natural, non-intoxicating extract that is derived from the common hemp plant that can help provide the body with a wide variety of benefits. 

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Taking in CBD oil can help balance the body by stimulating the body’s endocannabidiol system. Plus, it can also help nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin.

Getting enough rest and sleep can also help you maintain good health. But if you are one of those people who finds it hard to have a good night’s sleep, then CBD Oil may be the answer you are looking for.

CBD Oil has a natural calming effect that helps promote better rest most especially at night. CBD Oil can also help support the body’s balance by influencing the endocannabinoid system. Furthermore, even if CBD Oil does not have any sedating properties, it still impacts most of the body’s regular functions, including sleep habits.

Your beloved pets can also benefit from using CBD Oil during the pandemic.

Just like us humans, cannabidiol can also help stimulate your dog or your cat’s endocannabidiol system. Giving your pets CBD Oil will help promote your pets’ cardiovascular function, emotional behavior, supports healthy joints, encourages neurological health, helps them with their appetite, helps maintain stamina, and promotes healthy skin and coat.

Is There Evidence that CBD Oil can Cure COVID-19?

The answer is NO!

There is no evidence whatsoever that CBD Oil can cure or treat COVID-19. 

Dani Gordon, a Canadian doctor and researcher living in the U.K. and the author of a forthcoming book titled “The CBD Bible”, posted an article last March 19, 2020, with the headline “Can Cannabis & CBD Affect Corona Virus”? In her article, Gordon states, “As for CBD and cannabis, we don’t have any studies showing it has any effects on the coronavirus.” Gordon also cautioned the public against believing some anecdotal evidence which claims that cannabis and CBD Oil can be used to treat COVID-19.

“While plant cannabis and CBD Oil do so many amazing things and have numerous health benefits, there is still no need to stretch the truth or make claims that cannabis and CBD Oil can treat COVID-19″.  Gordon concluded.

Last March, a CBD Store in Portland, Oregon, was also ordered by the office of the State’s Attorney General to take down their signs claiming that their CBD products could boost immunity against COVID-19.

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Again we would like to emphasize that using CBD Oil will NOT in any way cure the COVID-19 virus. We just hope that with this article, you now have a little bit more knowledge and idea on how using CBD Oil can help benefit you most especially during these trying times.

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