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American Shaman CBD Oil review: Are Their Products as Good as Advertised?

This American Shaman CBD oil review will take a quick look on one of the United State’s leading CBD companies – the pros and cons of using their products and what their top 3 offerings are.

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, the interest in medical marijuana, particularly its component CBD has skyrocketed. In fact, in today’s market, CBD is already worth more than $2 billion a year.

One company that is at the forefront of CBD marketing is CBD American Shaman. As one of the leading CBD brands and providers in the US, American Shaman focuses on giving their customers a natural remedy for whatever issues they are facing. 

CBD American Shaman was founded and managed by Vince Sanders. Sanders’s passion for the medicinal properties of CBD began when he lost his uncle because of sickness. Sanders found out the many benefits of CBD products through his research. Thus, he built CBD American Shaman.

Today Sanders and his team composed with researchers and doctors that specialize in CBD products are on a mission, “to bring wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene-rich hemp oil and CBD.”

CBD American Shaman has a wide array of CBD products to choose from. These include CBD edibles, CBD sparkling water, bath bombs, and water-soluble full spectrum CBD. They also offer CBD for pets.

American Shaman CBD Oil Reviews: Pros and Cons


– Hemp is sourced from US farms.
– Their products go through testing in third-party labs.
– They have a wide range of products to cater to a wide audience.
– They have products that contain 0.0% THC, but also have products that contain 0.3% THC
– CBD American Shaman is Authority Hemp certified. It means that they pass the standards that every CBD company must maintain.
– All their products go through the process of proprietary nanotechnology. It makes their products more effective.
– CBD products do not contain pesticides or any harmful chemicals
– Third-party lab testing.
– All the results of the test are then published on their website.
– Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, whereas other companies only offer 30 days for a refund.
– Their website is very user-friendly and well-organized so browsers can locate the right type of CBD oil for their concerns or needs.


– They don’t discuss the states that their hemp comes from, unlike many of their competitors.
– They don’t state how long shipping will take
– Much weaker oils than their competitors
– They don’t list the flavorings that they use in their products.

American Shaman CBD Oil Review of Their Top 3 Products

1. CBD American Shaman CBD Oil Tincture

CBD American Shaman CBD Oil Tincture is one of the best CBD products that you can buy in the market today. Their CBD tinctures boast of higher bioavailability and they also used nanotechnology in their products to ensure that all the healthy cannabinoids are present in the CBD oil tinctures.

American Shaman’s CBD oil tincture comes in different flavors: Blueberry Moon, cinnamon, grape, strawberry banana and natural.

Customers who have tried using the American Shaman CBD oil tincture reported that they gained certain benefits upon using the tincture. Benefits such as easier dealing with pain, sleep problems, and acid reflux.

2. CBD American Shaman Topical Cream

CBD American Shaman’s topical cream is available in two sizes. 1oz and 2oz. It contains high-quality hemp oil extracts and is a non- GMO CBD that is perfect for those who are suffering from pain, soreness, or aches.

Just like their CBD oil tincture, the American Shaman Topical Cream is also an ultra-concentrated CBD hemp oil. Making it an all-natural and terpene-rich CBD cream.

The only drawback of this product is its price. Compared to the other CBD products out there, the CBD American Shaman Topical Cream costs a little much more.

3. CBD American Shaman CBD Edibles

Another product that is derived from high-quality and terpene-rich pure hemp extract is the American Shaman CBD Edibles. Their variety of CBD edibles ranges from gummies, candies, cookies, and also brownies.

Like all CBD American Products, these CBD Edibles are made from non-GMO hemp extracts. They also go through the process of proprietary nanotechnology, as well as a third-party laboratory test.

The benefits of CBD edibles include: helps improve positive mood, decrease fatigue, increase energy, and may also relieve bodily discomfort.


This short American Shaman CBD oil review concludes that if you are looking to buy high-quality CBD products, then, this company is where you can get some of the best-performing CBD products for your needs. The company is legit, and all of their products go to a third-party laboratory test. All CBD American Shaman CBD products are also Hemp Authority Certified.

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