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CBD Oil for Acne: Can Cannabidiol Help Clear Up Complexion?

Can CBD oil for acne help clear up complexion?

CBD oil has a lot of medical uses; mainly for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS and arthritis. But do you know that CBD is now slowly creeping into mainstream beauty products? Body butters, lotions, rubs, lip balms, beauty bars and mascaras are being infused with this cannabis compound. And even celebrities are standing by these products like Mandy Moore and Olivia Wilde.

Now, cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical compound or cannabinoid found in cannabis, is making its way to skincare products as its popularity as a truly effective and side-effects free solution to acne starts to soar.

Understanding How Acne Occurs

Acne is a very common skin ailment – affecting 8 out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 30 or older.

It is caused by the overproduction of sebum or the oil present in the face and scalp. Too much sebum can cause hair follicles to become clogged with dirt and become breeding sites for bacteria which will lead to the breakouts.

For moderate to severe cases of acne, dermatologists would often prescribe medications that work to lessen the sebum production and control breakouts. These medications may be effective but can have adverse effects such as cracking and peeling skin, rashes, nosebleeds and in some cases, even birth defects.

CBD Oil for Acne – the Science Behind

A pharmaceutical research conducted in 2015 tested the safety and efficacy of 3% Cannabis seeds extract cream for the reduction of cheek skin sebum and erythema content. The test result showed that the treatment worked for the subjects and no side effects were reported.

Earlier than that, in 2014, the National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study that found evidence that CBD has properties that regulate sebum production. Therefore, using CBD oil for acne can effectively reduce or reduce breakouts.  

As already discussed in previous articles, the human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a network of cell receptors that interact with cannabinoids. These receptors are usually concentrated in the central nervous system but are also present in various organs like the reproductive organs, digestive tract and skin.

Sebum production is mediated by hair follicle cells in the skin. Sometimes, there’s excessive action in the follicle cells, leading to overproduction of sebum. CBD, which can be applied topically as lotion or ingested as oil, can communicate with the receptors in the follicle cells, removing excess sebum and stopping overproduction.

Taking CBD oil for acne has an added bonus. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties so it can help diminish the redness and swelling that accompany pimples.

Using CBD Oil to Combat Acne

CBD oil for acne is best applied topically to allow the cannabidiol to influence the receptors in the skin. CBD creams, balms or salves can be easily added to a daily skincare regimen. If you like to boost the benefits of CBD, you can also ingest CBD oil sublingually, by vaping or by taking it in pill form. Ingesting CBD oil can help target inflammation better but may also benefit you if you have other symptoms or conditions such as:

– Stress 
– Pain 
– Anxiety 
– Depression 
– Heart issues 
– Migraine

When using CBD products to address an acne problem, it is best to stop other over the counter skin treatments that you may be using. Using several products along with CBD oil might mask the cannabinoid’s effects. Perhaps use the topical CBD product only for a few days before incorporating back moisturizers, conditioners and cleansers.

Moving away from high fat and sugary diet and focusing on fruits, veggies and whole grains can also help clear your skin.

Final Word

CBD oil for acne treatment is indeed very promising. It has been found to be safe, natural and has little to no side effects. This is more so when applied topically.

But since cannabidiol is a cannabis compound, it is currently classified as a Schedule I drug on Federal level. However, the approval of the cannabis derived epilepsy drug Epidiolex by the FDA as a legal drug in June 2018 might one day lead to the re-classification of CBD. If re-classification happens, then it could hopefully pave the way for a full regulatory approval of cannabidiol as an official acne treatment. In the meantime, there are already many people who have gone ahead and took advantage of the effectiveness of CBD oil as a solution to their acne woes.

Depending on your state laws regarding CBD, you may find skin care products with CBD oil in dispensaries or health stores. There are also various places online where you can purchase these products, but before you do, it is best to do your research first.

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