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Elixinol CBD Oil Review

When it comes to CBD products, Elixinol has an enormous range to choose from. Founded by renowned hemp expert Paul Benhaim, Elixinol’s mission is to create CBD products that are not only rich in cannabinoids but also super absorbable. In this Elixinol CBD oil review, we will take a look at some of the company’s best offerings to the cannabidiol market and how they are faring from customers’ points of view.

Every CBD product that Elixinol offer is available online and shipped worldwide straight from their warehouse. 

But in this article, we will be focusing on three of Elixinol’s bestselling CBD products in the market today and what they are best used for.

Elixinol CBD Oil Sports Gel

elixinol cbd oil review

If you are dealing with minor aches or full-blown chronic pain, then, the Elixinol CBD sports gel is what you need. 

The Elixinol CBD sports gel is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract. Meaning, this CBD sports gel delivers the full benefits of hemp without the risk associated with THC. 

The Elixinol CBD sports gel packs a powerful anti-inflammatory property. It also has aromatics like capsaicin, arnica, and camphor that provide long-lasting relief.

To use the Elixinol CBD Sports Gel, just massage the gel to the area of the body that is painful and enjoy the relief that it brings within seconds. 

Customer Review:

“Just started using this. It has a lovely scent, absorbs well. I use it for aching joints and muscle discomfort. It seems to help with pain in my hands. I am a 5-year user of Elixinol products and have found them to be of reliable quality.” – Lauren

Elixinol CBD Tinctures

elixinol cbd oil tinctures

Carefully blended with MCT coconut oil, Elixinol’s CBD extracts are full-spectrum and rich in flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. 

During the production process of the tinctures, the cannabidiol is thoroughly filtered until it achieved a high-quality, gold-colored oil extract. No toxic chemicals and harsh solvents were added in the making of these products.

Elixinol’s CBD tinctures are available in the natural flavor and also in cinnamint flavor.

Customer Review:

“Best quality CBD product available. It tastes good, and the ingredients are clean. How the CBD is extracted is a big deal as some others I’ve seen here in California use chemicals. No Bueno!” – Michael

Elixinol CBD Oil Capsules

Elixinol CBD capsule comes with 15mg of hemp oil per CBD capsule. Each capsule has also an added ingredient called ashwagandha that helps boost calm, reduces inflammation, and anxiety.

The best time to take the Elixinol CBD capsule is right before work or right after eating breakfast. The effects of CBD oil on the body when this is done is a sense of calm and focused energy throughout the day.

Customer Review:

“The Daily Balance capsules are my favorite Elixinol product. I prefer the ability to just take a pill over the oil dropper. And they are 15 mg per pill, which is an excellent strength, with no other added ingredients—just the pure oil and CBD. The pricing and quality are among the best I have seen in the CBD market. Great product!” – Arthur

Elixinol CBD Oil Review: Pros and Cons

Just like all CBD products in the market, Elixinol also has its positives and negatives.

Here are some pros and cons of Elixinol CBD.


– Hemp is sourced from US-based farms
– The only organically certified farm in the US
– Generous refund policy
– Vegan-friendly options
– Impressive Product Range
– Great Product Sourcing
– Reasonable Price


– Unlike some competitors, they don’t give the exact states their hemp comes from
– Their range isn’t as broad as some other brands on the market
– Not a huge range of flavors for those who don’t like the taste of natural CBD

Elixinol CBD Oil Review Final Word

When it comes to CBD oil products, there is no denying that Elixinol CBD oils are among the best. Furthermore, all of Elixinol’s CBD products are made from high-quality and organically grown hemp. And to ensure that all their products are safe and of the highest quality, all are meticulously and rigorously checked and tested in their GMP Certified Laboratories.

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