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Is CBD Oil Good for Cats?

CBD is widely used by humans to provide therapeutic relief for a wide range of ailments. The calming effect that CBD oil provides helps us through life’s hard times when we may be suffering from a disorder or simply need some stress relief.

Cats are very much part of our family, and when they display symptoms of pain or anxiety, we feel it just as they do. This is when we try to find ways to help them out of their predicament. In the process of finding a fast solution that will help your pet, you may consider CBD oil as one of them.  The question of course is whether CBD is good for cats and whether it will help them with their situation.

There is enough evidence to indicate that CBD is a safe way to treat adverse conditions that your cat may be experiencing. Be aware that research is ongoing  to determine the scientific benefits and effects of CBD on our precious feline friends. While it may be advisable to speak to your vet first, there is no evidence of CBD being harmful to cats.

Read on to discover the ins and outs of using CBD, the dosages suggested, methods of application, the types of ailments treated, and the possible side effects on cats when using CBD oil.

Can CBD Help My Cat?

cbd oil for cats

First and foremost, if you are going to give your cat CBD, you must know where the product comes from and ensure that its origin can be trusted. It helps to understand the difference from the outset between THC and CBD. Both are derived from the cannabis plant, but they are completely different in their chemical make-up. 

CBD originates from the type of hemp plant that carries less than 0.3 % THC. This level is deemed safe for use in cats. THC on the other hand, is the chemical compound with the psychoactive properties that give the user a “high”. It is of course found in marijuana, which is normally found to have a THC content of between 5% and 30 %.

There are many CBD brands on the market, and it’s important to choose the right one. We will discuss what to look for in a suitable CBD product for your cat later.

Understanding the symptoms displayed by your cat will help you to treat it. If your cat has severe symptoms, you are strongly advised to consult a vet. The role of CBD may not necessary be one that cures the problem, but it will have a calming effect on your cat and put it in a better mood. 

By having the ability to reduce the stress caused by the cat’s condition, you are helping your cat cope better by making his life easier and more pleasant.

How Does CBD Work for My Cat?

Like us humans, cats and other animals also have a nerve signaling system in their bodies that is designed to help regulate the balance of three conditions: emotions, cognitive thinking, and physiological state. This is called and endocannabinoid system.

What is contained in cannabis plants is a substance called cannabinoids, which if released into the bloodstream, will help the nervous system in such a way as to help get a good balance between the three conditions. This is called homeostasis.

A good way to think about how CBD oil would work for your cat is to imagine these cannabinoids going about their work in the nervous system by attaching themselves to the nerve receptors and assisting the work of the endocannabinoid system.

It would appear that when your cat is not in a good state, it could be that the endocannabinoid system is out of sync, and the action of CBD is to help reinstate the balance, or homeostasis, in the animal again.

It is the action of the CBD that helps these nerve receptors, some in the spine and the brain, relieve or keep pain under control. In other areas, receptors in the nervous and immune system are stimulated to help with irritation or swelling.

CBD Oil for Cats: Benefits

When your cat is in pain, it has no way of telling you. What you will notice though is a mood or habit change. Your cat will retire to a place by itself, just to be on its own. Perhaps there will be a display of aggression, or grumpiness. These are all indications that things are not normal.

Knowing how attached we get to our pets we wish to help them in any way we can when they are not happy, as we are the only ones in the position to do so. Treating them with CBD is one way we may be able to help them.

When the balance in your cat’s behaviour is not aligned, it may exhibit acts of aggression. This could be in the form of a snarl or howl or wanting to fight with other cats. You might call it bad temper; whatever it is, it is not the normal behavior you expect from your cat.

This may be followed by the spraying of urine, which is a territory marking behavior that cats of both sexes will do when they become defensive about their area.

Anxious cats display signs of being reticent or needy, and display symptoms of behavior that is different to what they normally do. But disorders like hyperthyroidism manifest themselves in the form of midnight howls, so be aware that behavior changes may arise from your cat being unwell.

Be on the lookout for other signs of discomfort or illness, like limping, loss of hair, energy, or appetite. Cats will show signs of pain when touched in places where it hurts. All of these conditions go unspoken, and a simple application of CBD could do wonders for their general mood.

How Safe is CBD Oil for Cats?

Overall, vets that think holistically give CBD the nod, as the upside is far greater than the downside. In rare cases some gastrointestinal issues have been observed, but the overall benefits far outweigh the negatives.

The fact is that when your cat is suffering, it needs help. This means that CBD can be one of your solutions. Unfortunately, there is too little research on the subject to provide a definitive answer. However, it’s important that you don’t exceed the recommended dosage and that you check the origin of the CBD oil you administer.

How much CBD Should I Give?

Remember your cat is a whole lot smaller than us humans, so the dose is not going to be big. If you can weigh your cat, it will help you determine the application more accurately. When in doubt always ask your vet first, as professional advice will always help you do it correctly.

Generally, it is recommended that you give a dose of approximately 2.5 mg per ten pounds of weight. From reports, anything up to 4 mg is fine while it has been observed that cats suffering from severe conditions did benefit from up to 6 mg.

Many first timers start small and observe the cat’s behavior thereafter. This also helps to minimize side effects that may manifest themselves after the dosage. This could be as simple as a change in eating or sleeping patterns or the general demeanor of your cat. 

We spoke about the origin and quality of the CBD oil you give your cat. Make sure its CBD by reading the third-party lab reports which should accompany the product or be published on the website of the manufacturer. This is important. You don’t want to make a mistake by giving your cat any product that could contain traces of THC higher than 0.3 %.

There are probably a number of things on your mind and question you’d like to ask. Like:

What happens if I give my cat too much CBD?

Well, it’s likely that your cat will become drowsy and loose some balance if it has too much CBD. You will notice that the cat will lose some of its co-ordination, and therefore simply let the cat rest and let the dose wear off.

The other thing to remember even though CBD only contains 0.3% THC, by giving too much there is the likelihood of the cat being affected by a higher level and experiencing some mild THC toxicity.

Will CBD oil make my cat sleepy?

You can expect your cat to be a bit sleepier than normal as CBD does have a sedative effect. But then cats sleep for hours a day anyway, you just should know that the action of the CBD will hopefully make them sleep more peacefully!

Can CBD oil make my cat sick?

CBD generally will not make your cat sick. We mentioned the side effects of ingesting too much CBD could be an upset stomach. Together with drowsiness, this is the only known side effect to occur, and certainly, CBD is not dangerous for your cat.

How to Give CDB Oil to Cats

Cats can be suspicious when you need to medicate them. But there are number of treats that they can’t resist. You can mix the CBD with one of those, like a fish oil and your cat will lap it up.

It’s best not to do this at mealtime, but rather on an empty stomach. The absorption of CBD in the stomach is best when it is not mixed with the normal mealtime food. Make the consumption delicious by mixing with a something tasty.

Just a note on the time CBD takes to become effective and how long it lasts. Expect it to work about 20-40 minutes after digestion, and it should last up to five hours. This all depends of course on the breed, condition, and size of the cat.

CBD for Joint Pain and Kidney Disease in Cats

These are some of the conditions in cats that occur often and can cause great discomfort. Looking for the symptoms will help you diagnose them more easily. Be aware that arthritis is common in older cats. This is a painful and restrictive disease that has no cure.

Your cat may suffer from pain without you knowing it. If your vet diagnoses any joint problem like arthritis or your cat has a limp your cat is sure to be in pain. However, pain and immobility can be reduced through using CBD. You can help your cat by bringing the relief CBD offers.

How does the CBD work for cats with arthritis? The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD target the cat’s vanilloid receptor in the brain thereby neutralizing it to help reduce the pain.

The second one is kidney disease, which is also is common in cats, affecting a third of cats reaching middle age and older. The kidneys stop working properly and the symptoms are normally weight loss, so be aware of this. Cats are hunters and eat stuff that they shouldn’t. Kidney disease can be caused through the ingestion of poisonous substances, including eating plants that can cause renal failure.

While kidney failure is untreatable, the administering of CBD oil can go a long way to helping relieve the pain and even stimulating the appetite of your cat.

Experimenting with CBD to bring relief to your cat in the circumstances of discomfort caused by both ailments will be beneficial to your cat’s general well-being. What’s the point of having a miserable cat in the household when you can lift its mood and get it purring again?

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil for Cats

You may remember the first time you took CBD and what it did for you. Whether for anxiety, pain or some other ailment, CBD is one sure way to bring relief. While we often read that CBD is not scientifically proven, it’s something only further research will bring answers to. In the meantime, its universal usage keeps on growing giving relief to pain sufferers, both human and animal, around the world.

Pet lovers have discovered that it works for their pets as well. In the case of CBD oil for cats, it has a number of positive spin-offs. Treatment with CBD for howling and aggression, anxiety or pain, CBD can bring relief to your pet cat when necessary. As long as dosages are in line with recommended quantities, CBD can only be beneficial to your cat.

Want to try CBD for your fur baby? We suggest American Shaman CBD Oil. Read our review of the brand here.

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