Zatural CBD Review 2021

Zatural is a company that seems to have started out in the weight loss market but has gone on to venture in the CBD industry. In this review, we looked into their wide range of CBD products, their many suggested uses and pricing.

Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Founded by renowned hemp expert Paul Benhaim, Elixinol’s mission is to create CBD products that are not only rich in cannabinoids but also super absorbable.

CBDfx CBD Oil Review:

Top 3 CBDfx Best Sellers

In this CBDfx CBD oil review, we will take a look at this company’s top three bestselling products and what each is made up of.

Are Their Products as Good as Advertised?

American Shaman CBD Oil Review

This American Shaman CBD oil review will take a quick look on one of the United State’s leading CBD companies – the pros and cons of using their products and what their top 3 offerings are.

Joy Organics CBD Products Review

One of the most trusted CBD companies that provide safe, effective, and top-of-the-line quality CBD products is Joy Organics. We take a quick look at their 3 top products.

CBDistillery Product Review

Founded by a group of Colorado natives who firmly believe that the highest quality hemp derived CBD should be accessible to anyone, CBDistillery is considered as one of the best CBD product producing companies in the world today.

The Best CBD Oils for 2021: Our Top 5 CBD Oil Brands

We picked the top 5 best CBD oil products in the market today.

CBD Product Reviews

Dozens of CBD oil companies exist, and it seems that every month, a new one  would pop up. Although a fairly new industry, as hemp CBD was only legalized in 2018 (via the 2018 Farm Bill), it is estimated that it will hit more than $20 billion in sales by the year 2024.  

What makes CBD so attractive to consumers? CBD or cannabidiol, is far from being a panacea; it’s not a cure all, but it’s definitely not snake oil either. 

So far, cannabidiol has proven potency on treating seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). The FDA-approved Epidiolex is the prescription form of cannabidiol for seizures. Apart from this, there is also countless anecdotal evidence showing how CBD oil is helpful in significantly lowering anxiety levels, improving sleep and lessening pain for people with Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. It is even showing promise as a potential treatment for autism. If you do a bit of research, you will find that there are on-going studies on how CBD can alleviate symptoms of cancer.

CBD oil has many potential benefits, not only to humans but also for our furry companions. 

But since there are so many of them out there now, just choosing the right one for you might prove to be a bit daunting. Every company claims to have the best CBD product, produced by perfecting a secret method of growing the source plant [organic hemp], or a special way of extracting the cannabidiol or a proprietary blending method that ensures the best end product. 

And indeed, many of these CBD products are really good and effective – greatly owing of course to the natural potency of the main ingredient. 

Don’t worry though. We are here to help you find the best CBD oil product for you or for your pet. Through our CBD product reviews, you can determine the right brand that fits your needs best. Whether you are looking for relief from sleeplessness, anxiety or pain or simply wanting to boost your health or maintain balance within your body, there is a CBD product right for you.

CBD Oil Brands Reviewed

elixinol cbd oil


Founded by renowned hemp expert Paul Benhaim, Elixinol’s mission is to create CBD products that are not only rich in cannabinoids but also super absorbable. They offer a wide range of CBD to choose from.

Joy Organics CBD Products Review

Joy Organics

Although fairly new to the CBD industry having been established in 2018, they are now recognized as among the leaders setting standards in the production, testing and quality of hemp based CBD products.

American Shaman CBD oil review

American Shaman

As one of the leading CBD brands and providers in the US, American Shaman focuses on giving their customers a natural remedy for whatever issues they are facing through cannabidiol.


They've been in the hemp business for over 25 years and have an in-house team of knowledgeable people growing, extracting, processing and formulating their CBD products.


CBDfx offers a wide range of products: CBD oils, vape juices, gummies, topicals, terpenes, concentrates, CBD products for pets and more.

Zatural CBD oil


Family-run business sourcing their products from US organic farms. Apart from CBD products for humans and pets, they also have hemp-based home cleaning products.

CBDistillery CBD oil products


Creator of the #CBDmovement slogan, they are one of the pioneers in the industry. Known for their full spectrum CBD and isolates.