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Zatural CBD Review 2021

The following is our Zatural CBD review for 2021. Zatural is a company focused on wellness that has been around since before 2013, and as the CBD market became more popular particularly after the 2018 Farm Bill, they have expanded and added their own CBD products to the fray. Read on to find out more about the company and what they offer.

In recent years consumers have been inundated with CBD choices as a result of an explosion of CBD brands coming on to the market. This has kept us busy with our CBD reviews, which are designed to help consumers make wise choices.

In our reviews of the various CBD brands, we have delved into the background of each one to be able to get an idea of their authenticity and origin. It’s not an easy job to establish which brands you can trust, and which ones should be avoided.

We use certain criteria to be consistent. This is done as there is no formal accreditation system in place. Its largely due to the fact that there is no official body that certifies CBD in place. This will change one day when an organization like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can verify product safety, effectiveness, and quality. Until then consumers are required to do thorough research in order to make a careful analysis of the manufacturer and product it offers.

For this CBD review, we looked behind the scenes into a brand called Zatural Natural Oils Company based in Idaho. What we found is a company that makes a big range of products which on the surface looked extremely attractive. We also discovered that for those who are looking for an affordable CBD brand, Zatural could be the choice to make.

The company even makes the claim that their competitive pricing is aimed to assist you, the consumer, by making their CBD prices within your reach. On top of that, the affordable prices are not at the expense of quality, they say. They also claim that customers won’t find a CBD oil product at this price which offers such high quality.

Since we have established the price levels for our readers, we then went about trying to establish whether we could verify the quality claim.

As Zatural is a relatively young brand, we wanted to find out how its products are performing in the marketplace, and what the users say about it.

Read on to learn about Zatural’s CBD products and find out if they are for you.

Zatural Review: Establishing the Quality Claim

Zatural began some years back as a company probably focusing on the weight loss market. This we gathered from their website, as since 2013 the company has received several awards for their Appethyl weight loss products.

The inspirations for development of new brands have come from the founder, a Naturopathic doctor, by the name of MayAnn Stanger.

For reasons that we should all know by now, CBD could only be added to the Zatural portfolio after the 2018 Farm Bill legislated in favor of the growing and commercial use of hemp. After that, Zatural rapidly expanded their range of products to include a whole variety of CBD based tinctures, edibles, and topicals.

This Idaho based outfit sources their CBD from growers in Colorado. While making claim that the hemp is organically grown, we were not able to locate the organic certification by a professional body in the company literature or it’s website. The packaging claims use the words” freshly sourced”, 100% pure natural, no pesticides, herbicides, which is the nearest to an organic claim we could find.

Zatural uses the term ”USA grown professional grade” to describe their hemp, which is a term we haven’t heard of before, but has a good marketing ring to it. The three types of extracts used to make their CBD are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate, which are used across the range in different products.

Zatural’s quality guarantees are supported by third party testing, the results of which can be found on the website. We ascertained that Zatural does in house testing and uses the services of an external ISO approved third party laboratory.

Zatural makes sure they are covered from a regulatory point of view. On their website they state emphatically that none of their products are FDA approved, nor do they make any health claims.

Later in our Zatural CBD review, we will cover the health uses for the various products as detailed on their website and packaging. The company wishes to bring to your attention that this information is for educational purposes entirely and that they are not giving medical advice. They fall back on advising that the educational information should not be used without consulting a doctor.

Zatural Review: Product summary

Zatural is a natural oils company with a wide range of products, not all of which are CBD. Other products include neem oil and hemp oil. They also have a whole section of cleaning products under the banner of Hempy Home, which also don’t contain CBD.

In this Zatural review, we look at a version of the weight management product Appetyl, which now does contain CBD. We also include a section for CBD for pets later on.

To get directly to the CBD section, go to the CBD link on Zatural’s website.

The company uses carbon dioxide extraction methodology, a recognized technology, to extract the CBD oils from the hemp plant. They believe that broad spectrum cannabis gives the best CBD oil. So, to ensure they comply, they further extract all the TCH in the broad-spectrum cannabis to bring the CBD oil to its legal classification.

In addition to this, their philosophy is only to blend hemp oil with the CBD they produce. In theory this gives them a step ahead of any opposition products using MCT or olive oil as their base. Their rationale is that users of Zatural should be getting the complete benefit cannabis can provide. They also would like to avoid the inclusion of any other foreign additive in their CBD products.

Zatural CBD Review: What we Liked

Zatural CBD review

Judging by the high levels of support, it seems that Zatural’s Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops is one of the company’s biggest selling products. Priced at $27.50, it must be one of the most price competitive CBD oils on the market.

We looked at reviews and the feedback expressed by many reviewers and the general consensus was that it’s a product that works for pain, inflammation and helps with sleep problems. The popularity could be a reflection on the good quality or the affordability, or both, and generally the product received a favorable outcome. 

For those serious sleep sufferers, CBN 250 + CBD 2,500 Isolate | Oil Tincture is a product that offers the added inclusion of CBN. This is a cannabinol that is made when THC is broken down, but obviously does not include THC.

CBN is known to help sleep sufferers get a better night’s rest. There are not enough reviews to formulate an opinion about how users feel about the product. This CBD product is priced at $ 69.99. This CBD isolate could well do the trick for those sleep suffers and the benefit of using the product is that it won’t affect work performance in the morning.

The Company’s innovation in the Edible sector is what impressed us the most. Starting with the Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels | Nano CBD Oil, we liked the inclusion nano CBD oil brings to help increase the bioavailability of the product. Priced at a reasonable $29.99 for 30 softgels containing 10mg of CBD, they offer customers a good deal.

Zatural CBD Review: Products and Uses

cbd for pain zatural review

The Zatural collection is comprehensive, and while the company offers educational information rather than medical advice, its clear that the different offerings in the range are targeted according to the various treatments that you may need.

These are:

Pain and Inflammation

You may be excused if you get confused wondering which of the 21 products that they suggest for pain would be best for you. There are a lot to choose from. There are soft gels, gum, honey sticks, tinctures, hot cream, and gummy bears. A mind-blowing selection.

The best deal for us is the bundle featuring 1 CBC Isolate oil or Broad Spectrum, 1 CBD Topical: CBD Quick Relief or CBD Hot Cream and 1 CBD Softgel with Curcumin. This CBD for Pain Bundle sells for $ 81.99. Zatural is confident that by offering this selection, you will be able to sort out your pain problems.

Skin care

We loved the skincare range, with CBD infused into four nicely packaged offerings: hand sanitizer, face cream, bath bombs, and we especially liked the butter, made of organic cocoa and hemp. This CBD Butter | Organic Cocoa and Hemp 8 oz jar sells for $ 60.00.  reviews

Weight loss

Extending their weight loss Appetyl brand to include a CBD infusion is a pretty neat idea. The one we loved most is the blending of two ingredients, Apple Cider Vinegar and CBD. Each of these has its own great health benefits, which as a combination that gives the user access to an awesome wellness product. A 4 oz bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar + CBD Tincture sells at a reasonable $ 29.99 per bottle.


As could be expected, Zatural has many CBD products for stress. What we liked is the innovation here, and we chose the Artisan CBD Chocolate – 400mg of CBD for $34.99. Imagine reducing your stress when you eat a French artisanal chocolate, with a smooth creamy taste.


Not being able to sleep properly is quite common amongst many of us. Finding the right product to help improve sleep patterns is always a challenge. This is why we really liked the CBD Sample Pack for $ 50.37 on special offer. You are sure to find the right product out of the ones that you are offered amongst them. You get 10 softgels, 5 gummies, one bottle 15 ml drops, and one jar each of 165 mg Nano CBD plus CBN and Nano CBD plus CBG all included in the sample pack.

We also liked the no-nonsense returns policy. Customers who are wanting to return their purchase can do so within 60 days, with the normal conditions applying.

CBD for Pets

A range of CBD products is available from Zatural for dogs, cats, and horses. We thought the individual offerings in the range were well thought out. For example, Zatural’s CBD Oil for Dogs comes in four different strengths so that dog owners can apply the correct CBD application according to the weight of the dog.

We thought that was a good innovation, as pet owners often are frightened to give their pets CBD when they are not sure about the dosage required.  

Cats can be treated with the Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil for Cats at $24.99, which is a  reviewNMD-formulated CBD for felines.

As you would expect, a much stronger CBD product is required for horses. The Equine Broad Spectrum CBD Formula | THC Free comes in two strengths, the lower being for everyday health of the horse and the higher one for horses that are in physical discomfort, stress, or are highly strung. The price for a 30 ml bottle is $112.00.

With all animals, if you are unsure about the dose, rather start lower and monitor the progress, and when in doubt it’s always advisable to consult your vet. 

Final Thoughts: Zatural CBD Review

When looking for a broad range of CBD products, be sure to include Zatural in your search. As a natural oils company that has been around a while, THC-free CBD has become a big part of their product offerings in the last three years.

When reviewing Zatural, we were impressed with the innovations that they have achieved in a relatively short space of time. We checked the issues of product quality and company transparency and we found that they met the required standards. We noted they suggested products for several different types of ailments. But their suggestions are tempered by giving educational rather than medical advice, thereby complying with the FDA regulations. We also found the products to be well priced, which could be in its favor for helping increase market penetration.

Trying Zatural is ultimately your choice. We also recommend that when you decide to try any CBD products like Zatural, that if you are in any doubt about CBD, you ask your doctor beforehand.

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